Tips For Sellers

Thinking of selling your home and wondering where to start?

I recommend your first step be:

Having an informed Market Appraisal of your home.

It is not everyday that you are selling houses, but everyday I am. Your first step is finding out where your house sits in the current real estate market. Clearly establishing this information early on will give you a price guide about where your budget sits for your next house purchase.

Book your Free Home Appraisal with Anna today.

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What is a Home Appraisal?

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning A home appraisal is an inspection of your property that will help to determine a realistic selling price and to identify opportunities that will make your property as marketable as possible. Anna will provide you with a comparative assessment of your property’s value based on recent sales and figures … Continue reading What is a Home Appraisal?

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Book your free home appraisal with Anna

Anna offers you a free, no obligation home appraisal so that you are aware of where your house sits in today’s real estate market. Be informed, fill out the form below and Anna will contact you soon.

Buy First, or Sell First?

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning The prospect of selling your house before you have established where you are going to move to may seem daunting, but the reality is a huge number of home hunters actually find the property they want within a relatively short time. So, don’t be afraid to sell first – … Continue reading Buy First, or Sell First?

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Listing your Property

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning Process for lisitng A listing agreement, or authority to sell, gives your agent the ability to act for you when selling your property. It is usually the first document you will be asked to sign. Make sure you take the time to read and understand it before you sign. … Continue reading Listing your Property

Why Auction? Why Tender?

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning Why Auction? Benefits of auction: • Attracts highly motivated and competitive Buyers. • Provides an opportunity for you to receive a maximum sale price as it does not set a cap price. • A sale on the day is a cash sale that is completely unconditional and therefore allows … Continue reading Why Auction? Why Tender?

Marketing your Property

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning Once your property is listed with Anna, we will jump right into our agreed marketing plan to generate interest and attract potential purchasers to your property. Anna will be able to outline a marketing plan for your home, the objective of which will be to gain the highest price. … Continue reading Marketing your Property

First Impressions Count

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning You only have one chance to make a good first impression so the street appeal of your home is the first thing a potential buyer will see. If the house looks unattractive on the outside, prospective buyers will assume it is unattractive on the inside as well. A few … Continue reading First Impressions Count

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Your Open Home

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning Open homes are an easy and relaxed way for house hunters to inspect a home and access the interest to them without the need to make an offer on the property. They are also convenient to owners who have busy lives as they allow them to focus on making … Continue reading Your Open Home

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Accepting an Offer

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning Every offer is a sure sign of interest and a great starting point in negotiations When a purchaser is ready to put in an offer on your property Anna will present it to you for consideration immediately after it is drawn up. The initial offer to purchase should have … Continue reading Accepting an Offer

Should I drop the Price?

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning Will I or won’t I accept the offer? By law, all offers, irrespective of price levels, must be submitted to you by your agent. Each one is a sure sign of interest and is normally only a starting point in negotiations. To say no to an offer is better … Continue reading Should I drop the Price?

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Settlement and Possession Day

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning Settlement ‘Settlement’ refers to the actual date at which the property is formally sold and ownership transferred from the Seller to the Buyer Once you have accepted the offer and signed a contract, Anna will forward the contract to a legal agent/conveyance of your choosing. They will administer the … Continue reading Settlement and Possession Day