The Tenant is Key

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When selecting an investment property, investors should focus on the needs of their propective tenants.

Remember, it is other people who will be living in the investment property.

In real estate investment, the tenant is the key because they will largely help determine the return the investor receives from the investment property.

The tenant also determines ‘the cashflow’ of the rental property, which can make it easier or harder for the investor to service the investment loan.

Investors should therefore target properties that are high in demand from tenants and this will ensure low vacancy rates and a consistent level of rental returns.

Generally, well-located investment properties are positioned close to good public transport, schools and shopping.

The property should be in a well-maintained and presentable condition.

Increasingly, people renting homes are seeking added features in rental properties including:

• Good level of home security.
• Secure car parking.
• Accessories such as dishwashers.
• Heating.

Selecting a good tenant is also a key part of achieving high financial returns for your investment property.

You can employ the services of a property management company to ensure that the property is maintained in a good condition and the needs of the tenant are promptly responded to. Keeping a good tenant happy will mean that vacancy rates are reduced and you have a secure cashflow.

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