Planning is Key

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Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning

Investors who make the biggest mistakes in the real estate market are those who make hasty decisions.

There are a wide range of issues to be seriously considered before deciding to purchase an investment property.

For example, some key questions that needed to be asked by the investor are:

• How many properties do I need to purchase to secure my financial future?

• How do I fund these investment properties if my financial circumstances should change?

• How do I select properties that can deliver high rental returns and capital growth rates?

• Have I taken into account likely changes in the economy ie higher interest rates?

Investing in real estate should be a long term commitment and investors should develop a long term plan that best suits their personal financial circumstances before making any decisions.

However, investors who carefully select investment properties that deliver high financial returns will have ‘peace of mind’ that they are securing their financial future.

Anna Manning is a Real Estate Agent at Leaders Real Estate Lower Hutt.
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