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Getting the correct finance package to fund an investment property is also crucial.

Many investors will be surprised to find that during the last decade there has been a revolution in the home loan industry.

Currently, there is a plethora of home loan packages available to homebuyers and investors.

An issue that should be considered by an investor is whether they want to select an interest only home loan where they only service the interest rate component and the debt level of the property remains the same.

For example, interest only investment loans are popular with investors wanting to quickly build a property portfolio because it improves their cashflow to fund additional investment properties.

Alternatively, an investor may select a principal and interest home loan if they wish to quickly own the investment property. This option is popular with investors buying lower priced apartments with the view to quickly reducing the debt so they can effectively ‘own’ the rental cashflow from the investment property.

Selecting the correct home loan package depends on the personal financial situation of the investor and their financial objectives.

However, by spending time selecting the right finance package, middle-aged investors have therefore a much better opportunity of achieving their financial objectives.

Investors should consider using the service of a reputable Mortgage Broker who will personally visit them and provide a selection of home loan packages that best meets their personal financial position.

Anna is happy to recommend to you a Mortgage Broker whose service is free, please contact Anna for more information.

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