Investing in Property

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Are you interested to know more about investing in property and securing your future?

Residential property investment remains a very popular option for people looking to secure their financial futures.
The difference between an investment property and your own home is that you earn an income from it.
Returns from property investment come from rental income and from any increase in the value of property over time.

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Investing in Residential Property

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning Investing in Property A growing number of people are now turning to residential property investment to build their personal wealth, which can help fund their retirement. Many new investors are now aggressively investing in residential property because they view it as a secure and tangible investment that will help … Continue reading Investing in Residential Property

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Planning is Key

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning Investors who make the biggest mistakes in the real estate market are those who make hasty decisions. There are a wide range of issues to be seriously considered before deciding to purchase an investment property. For example, some key questions that needed to be asked by the investor are: … Continue reading Planning is Key

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Building a Property Portfolio

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning A growing number of investors are now buying several investment properties to help secure their financial future. They are using a number of investment techniques to build a property portfolio including: Negative Gearing Using negative gearing to purchase properties with a high capital growth rate and accelerating the overall … Continue reading Building a Property Portfolio

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Don’t Make an Emotional Decision

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning One of the biggest mistakes that investors make is to take an emotional approach in buying an investment property. Typically, an investor will already own their current home that they would feel most comfortable living in, When buying an investment property, investors have to take a practical and non-emotional … Continue reading Don’t Make an Emotional Decision

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The Tenant is Key

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning When selecting an investment property, investors should focus on the needs of their propective tenants. Remember, it is other people who will be living in the investment property. In real estate investment, the tenant is the key because they will largely help determine the return the investor receives from … Continue reading The Tenant is Key

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What is my Rate of Return?

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning Most investors who are purchasing an investment property have difficulties determining the rate of return that the rental property can deliver, taking into account the purchase price and rental income. Determining the rate of return is important in selecting an investment property because rental prices for investment properties differ. … Continue reading What is my Rate of Return?

Capital Growth Rates

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning Investors also have to take into account the important issue of capital growth rates when selecting an investment property. The higher the capital growth rate of a property then the faster the investor will create long term wealth. It is a mistake for investors to assume that properties increase … Continue reading Capital Growth Rates

Using the Equity in my Home

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning You may be surprised that you can use the ‘equity’ in your home to help fund the purchase of an investment property. This is particularly the case in a housing market where property values are rising strongly. The more an owner occupier property increases in value the greater the … Continue reading Using the Equity in my Home

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Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning Getting the correct finance package to fund an investment property is also crucial. Many investors will be surprised to find that during the last decade there has been a revolution in the home loan industry. Currently, there is a plethora of home loan packages available to homebuyers and investors. … Continue reading Financing?