Update your kitchen, bathroom and hallway using cost-effective stylish loose-lay vinyl

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Want to change your interior? Need a new floor for the kitchen or the bathroom?

A cost-effective, practical solution to get your home ready for sale is Gerflor Texline – stylish, contemporary vinyl flooring.

Recently I have seen Gerflor Texline Flooring appear in more and more of the homes I see, yet many people have not yet heard of this stylish flooring you can use to quickly and easily update the look of your kitchen, bathroom and hallway.

It is a range that was designed and manufactured in France but customized specifically to suit the needs of New Zealand homeowners. It’s revolutionary textile backed flooring surface combines the warmth, comfort and quiet of carpet with the practical, hardwearing benefits of vinyl. The textile backing is made from 95% recycled fibre. It absorbs subfloor irregularities, which means Texline can be installed on top of virtually any surface providing there is no height variation or irregularities. It is moisture resistant, which allows this flooring to be installed in every room in the home.

You can choose from an extensive range of décor fashion colours and designs, from the classics, to latest wood looks, modern all over patterns, large format tiles, to the edgy, to help you shape that individual look and feel you desire for your house as you get it ready for sale.

Cost effective, this flooring is reasonably priced (Approximate pricing starting at $40 per square metre). Available at Carpet Court Lower Hutt where they offer a free measure and quote service on this product.

Check out the Gerflor Website, and the Carpet Court Website for accurate information on pricing and product.

Anna Manning is a Real Estate Agent at Professionals Redcoats Lower Hutt City.


Buy first, or sell first?

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Buy first, or sell first?

The prospect of selling your house before you have established where you are going to move to may seem daunting, but the reality is a huge number of home hunters actually find the property they want within a relatively short time.

So, don’t be afraid to sell first – then buy.

Selling first means you will have your financial arrangements already taken care of and you have the freedom to bid at auction, or to make an offer knowing you are in a strong position to negotiate on price and time.

There are two major financial considerations to buying before selling: –

• If you make an offer on a property before your house is even on the market, the seller of the property you want is less likely to be willing to negotiate on the price or terms.

• Selling your house as a condition of contract to buy another, usually means you have a very limited time in which to complete a sale for your existing property. This means you can be under pressure to accept a low market offer.

Anna Manning is a Real Estate Agent at Professionals Redcoats Lower Hutt City.
Sourced: Professionals – Pathway to buying your home.

3,400 new homes (that’s about 170 a year) will be needed to maintain Hutt City’s population.

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Support for Housing Growth in Lower Hutt

Housing supply and affordability is an issue right across the country and it’s something that the Lower Hutt City Council is addressing in it’s Urban Growth Strategy.

Sixty-two percent of households in the Hutt City in 2032 are forecast to be one person households or couples without children – that’s because New Zealand has an aging population and families are downsizing.

3,400 new homes (that’s about 170 a year) will be needed to maintain Hutt City’s population.

To manage this, Council’s Urban Growth Strategy targets an increase of 6,000 homes in the city by 2032. This will be achieved through a mix of housing development and targeted intensification in certain parts of the city.

Mayor Ray Wallace says, “It’s important that Council works together with developers to ensure that they build quality, affordable homes”.

“Greenfield land has been in short supply in the city and we are helping to address this by partnering with developers to help provide the infrastructure needed to bring over 74 hectares of land onto the market in Kelson and Wainuiomata. This will help to provide sufficient land for at least 1,100 homes”.

Council would like to see low-rise apartments in a limited number of sites in the city. These sites have been chosen because they are close to main centres, key public transport routes, and/or high levels of public amenity.

The four locations identified in the Urban Growth Strategy for low-rise apartments are Waterloo, CBD Fringe, Petone Esplanade and Eastbourne Village/Foothills.

Any development of low-rise apartments will be expected to be designed to a high standard with a particular focus on type and mix, lifestyle and community amenity.

Article Sourced: Hutt News – 29/04/2014